Royal Belgium Association of Marine Insurers,

Trade Association of Insurance Brokers,

Study Circle of Marine Insurance,

Belgium Maritime Law Association,


jointly organize a colloquium on Thursday November 14th, starting at 13:00 in Antwerp,

with the following subject :


                       “General Average – Ever young or time to move on?”


The subject will be approached from a multidisciplinary angle. The first speaker is a Master who experienced a general average situation first-hand. Capt. Mukesh Yadav will talk about the critical situation that developed on board of his vessel and which eventually resulted in a declaration of general average.

The second speaker, Mr. Thomas Wanckel, will talk about the legal consequences and legal issues with general average.

No general average can be settled without the expertise of a general adjuster. The third speaker, Mr. Andrew Slade, will give an introduction on the practices of a general adjuster. How do they proceed? What does a general adjustment look like?

Finally, the insurers' position in this matter will be considered. How do they respond to a situation of general average? In view of the potentially conflicting interests between cargo and hull interests, Mr. Bart Staes will present the hull insurers’ perspective and Mr. Eric De Smet will present the cargo insurers’ view.

All speakers have been requested to critically approach their subject. General average is an ancient institute, the roots of which go back at least to the Rhodian seafarers. Since then, the concept has continued to exist and to be applied. Can it be, however, that in these days of ever larger ships and ever more interests involved the concept has finally reached the limits of its viability?




Target group : Insurers, brokers, lawyers and experts.

Venue : Bluepoint Antwerp, James Cook room, Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 Berchem. (

Entrance: 130,- EUR for each participant. (This price includes documentation, reception and closing drink)


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Please register before 8 November 2019. Cancelling with refund will be possible until 8 November 2019.

Refresher course points * : 3 points

  1. FSMA through ABAM BVT (n° 100035).
  2. “Orde van Vlaamse Balies” (n°. 2019-00389)

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